Who We Are

Recycled Love was started in 2004 by a small, dedicated group of volunteers with an undying commitment to make a difference in the lives of Baltimore’s animals. This four member team was instrumental in raising awareness of incorporating life saving measures in Baltimore’s animal Shelter and Humane Society. It was there we saw the faces of those animals who would become Recycled Love.

Since our inception as a 501c (3) non profit animal rescue group, we have saved close to 1000 animals from a life of abuse, neglect,abandonment, physical and emotional trauma and death. We are stronger than ever and have an amazing group of volunteers who tirelessly give of their time and energy to continue to save lives.

Our Board of Directors

Karen Reese
Karen Reese
Karen Reese is the President of Recycled Love Rescue. Following an article she read in Baltimore City Paper’s in 2004, regarding the horrific conditions animals experienced at Baltimore Animal Control, she was driven to identify the problems and become part of the solution. She found Sally Jennings, author of the book Recycled Love and the sole rescuer of the shelters’ dogs. They partnered and became part of a small board of four committed individuals who became the voices for the voiceless.

In her professional career, Karen is the Executive Director of Man Alive, Inc and the Lane Treatment Center, LLC. She leads a staff of 35 professionals who offer outpatient mental health and substance use services which includes individual and group psychotherapy, medication management, health home services, art, writing and dance. Her passion in life, has, and continues to be, challenging herself to change the status quo to make the world a better place for all living creatures. She holds a Master of Arts Degree and is a Weinberg Fellow.

Karen lives in Baltimore City with her husband Artist Clark Calhoun and their four-legged Recycled Love rescued companions.. She has one son Shawn who resides in California with her two grandchildren, Bo Reese and Elle Angelina …her beacons of joy and hope.

Jennifer Viglucci is the Vice President of Recycled Love Rescue. Her work in rescue began as a young girl. Jennifer’s abundance of compassion and love brought stray animals to her, and her home became their haven. It was also at this very young age she recognized the dependency animals have on humans. Her mission then, which continues today, would always be protecting and safeguarding their destiny.

She was invited to join the Board when the qualities she developed as a young girl became evident to the team. Six days after Jennifer had lost her dog of thirteen years, another dog found her. After being hit by a car, he made his way to her home. She and her husband immediately took him to the pet ER. They recommended euthanization; but that was not an option for them. They wanted to know how he could be saved. They said they could operate but it would cost $5000.00. Although they were not ready for another dog,they knew he had to be saved. So she called all the rescues to offer to pay for his medical care while fostering him, once again Recycled Love responded. She knew then she had found the team that shared her values in animal welfare and Henry (their foster dog)had found his home with Jennifer and Tony.

In addition to her endless hours of rescue work, Jennifer is a Principal at Brown Advisory Securities, LLC. It is not uncommon to read her emails at 2:00am, as she manages her full time work in addition to being a devoted mother to Megan, a devoted wife to Tony; and of course, a devoted guardian to Henry and Stella.
Caroline Griffin
Caroline Griffin graduated from Loyola University of Maryland in 1984 and the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law in 1987.  Ms. Griffin was in private practice for 20 years until she became the Chair of the Mayor’s Anti-Animal Abuse Advisory Commission in Baltimore, the first animal abuse commission in the country.  In 2011, she received the ASPCA Presidential Service Award for her work, and in 2012, she received the inaugural Animal Law Distinguished Service Award of the Maryland State Bar Association.  Ms. Griffin served on the Board of Directors of the Baltimore Humane Society for over decade, including a term as President of the Board.  She currently serves on the Board of Directors of several organizations including Recycled Love Rescue, Show Your Soft Side, Inc., the Animal Welfare Institute, and the University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center.
Dani Englander
Dani Englander joined the board of Recycled Love last year, having volunteered for rescues previously in VA, PA and MD.  She grew up in a family of animal lovers and was very fortunate to learn the value of animals early in life.  She has also been thrilled to pass that along to her growing nieces and nephews, who all love and respect animals and are very interested in rescue as well. Dani can usually be found trapping and transporting cats as TNR is how she spends most of her free time. She developed and produced the PSA for Save MD Pets to promote the spay/neuter bill and recently completed production on the Park Heights cat project sponsored by Recycled Love, “Quest for Abandoned Treasure”.   She hopes to continue her rescue/TNR efforts as well as education for the communities in need, especially children. Remember, you’re not a crazy cat lady until you’re in double digits. Dani loves dogs too.